Getting Research Published

Writing Effectively and Well for Doctoral Fellows in the Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Engineering” (2 attendance days in Jülich + one virtual day)

Prior to the workshop, a “Call for Texts” will be sent out requesting participants to submit a writing sample of max. 400 words within a given deadline. This personal writing sample will provide the basis for peer review and trainer feedback during the workshop. This wrting sample is a prerequisite.

In the three-day workshop participants will be exposed to a variety of writing strategies which can improve their own writing skills. Activities will include:

  • managing your writing process professional
  • developing author responsibility and reader focus
  • finding a focus by identifying an appropriate research question
  • examining structural relationships within and between sections of a paper
  • giving, receiving, and using feedback effectively
  • understanding the drafting and revision processes
  • creating precise, accurate, and correct sentences
  • recognizing stylistically adequate and inadequate language

On the third virtual day, held within a week of the beginning of the workshop, the skills practiced during the workshop are put to practise by writing a text for a scientific journal and submitting it for trainer feedback.