HITEC Training Opportunities

In addition to the basic training programme HITEC offers training opportunities which can be chosen individually  and will be supported financially from HITEC funds.

HITEC Symposium and Communicator Awards

In the yearly HITEC Symposium selected senior doctoral candidates present their data to the interdisciplinary HITEC audience: to a scientifically trained audience that is, however, not specialized in the field, including scientists from the broad spectrum of HITEC energy and climate topics . Here PhD students can demonstrate their skills to present the complex and sophisticated scientific perspectives of their work in a comprehensible manner. The three best presentations will be selected and will receive the HITEC communicator award. The jury encompasses the members of the HITEC Advisory Board. The prize money is 1500 € for the first prize, 1000 € for the second prize and 500 € for the third prize. All doctoral fellows, scientists, scientific advisors, supervisors from the IEK in Jülich and the partner universities are invited to listen to the talks and to join the after talk dinner.

The next HITEC Symposium will take place on 05 June 2020.

First Manuscript

All HITEC PhD students have the opportunity to obtain individual and professional advice on their first scientific manuscript written in English and intended for submission to journals or conference proceedings. This advice from an experienced writing consultant, Jana Kaiser, is not to be understood as proofreading but rather as an analysis of systematic linguistic and stylistic problems in the text. How to recognize ‘errors’ and to understand why they arise will be explained at this meta-level. The consultant will make practical suggestions on how to solve such problems and how to avoid them in the future. The procedure primarily involves communication by email but also by telephone, when necessary. Upon request, HITEC will provide financial support for this personal training.

  • Please contact us if you are interested.


HITEC Come is a guest programme to be designed by docs. You can invite your external mentor, peer doctoral fellows or senior scientists for research stays or for scientific talks. These talks should be opened for other HITEC docs as well. Upon request HITEC will financially support these invitations.


AS a PhD student you have the opportunity to spend 2-3 months in a research institution abroad in order to deepen your knowledge and international experience. Upon request HITEC will financially support this stay.

Educational offers by Forschungszentrum Juelich

Forschungszentrum Jülich offers a range of training courses for professional development of employees.

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